Why do many pre-meds think many of their classmates want to be doctors for the wrong reasons?

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Posted by Ria Mueda (Questions: 11, Answers: 8)
Asked on September 1, 2014 3:15 pm
Category: Medical School
Posted by Anna Patricia (Questions: 8, Answers: 12)
Answered On September 1, 2014 4:00 pm

This seems to be a part of the pre-med/medical school culture in general. I have 6 doctors in my family, in addition to having worked with hundreds of pre-meds at InGenius Prep, and there seems to be a nearly ubiquitous culture of high-horsing.

That is, the medical community in general tends to emphasize that the sole focus of doctors and pre-meds ought to be saving others, with little/no regard for their own benefit. This, of course, is a great ethos for those of us who don’t need to endure residency.

The reason this sort of pre-med negative commentary seems to be so prevalent is precisely because those making the comments wish to demonstrate that they are part of the ”in crowd” with respect to the medical profession. Rarely is it actually because they believe the other student will be a bad physician, or that their reasons are seriously unethical.

Just one person’s opinion, though.

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