Another InGenius Prep Student Admitted to Harvard Law School!

S.R. wasn’t a “traditionally” strong candidate for law school, but is a thoroughly impressive student and person. Working with his InGenius counseling team, he was able to make sure that his application persona reflected his true abilities, talents, and interests. Today, he’s holding  acceptance letters from the best law schools in the country.

He was also admitted to his other top choice schools – NYU, Stanford, and Columbia Law Schools. He is even being considered as a finalist for the prestigious Furman Scholarship from NYU Law School.

S.R. will make a great addition to the Harvard Law School Class of 2017. Congratulations, again!

About the Author

David Mainiero, Co-Founder and Director of Operations of InGenius Prep, is an experienced educator and academic and admissions counselor with over almost a decade of experience helping students unlock their potential and achieve their dreams. Having founded and run multiple and small businesses, David has a strong entrepreneurial track record.

He graduated from Dartmouth College Summa Cum Laude with Highest Honors in History with a focus on Nationalism in the Near East and was inducted as a member of Phi Beta Kappa. Several years later, he earned a JD from Harvard Law School. To this day, he believes that the most important moments in his own education were learning with his peers during his time as a Policy Debater in high school and college.

David knows firsthand what success looks like and how to achieve it; his passion to help students discover their own passions and realize their fullest potential motivates him to travel all around the world to share his visions for educational access.