How to Study for the ACT

How to Study for the ACT

How to Study for the ACT This post originally appeared on the Magoosh high school blog. Maybe it’s seventh grade, and you are already scoping out Harvard guidebooks and sharpening your pencils for the preACT. Maybe it’s the week before the test, and you suddenly remember you can’t go to a Saturday movie with yourKeep reading

college art portfolio

The 5 Key Steps for Putting Together a College Art Portfolio

How to Put Together Your Best College Art Portfolio Itching to show college admissions officers your inner Van Gogh? Check out the following tips on strategizing what to include in your art portfolio to make the best impression on your dream schools! But first, keep in mind the following things: The advice on this list isKeep reading

5 Interesting Jobs That Use an Economics Degree

Brought to you by Graduation Source   For the math-minded, a degree in economics may be a logical college and career choice. But despite the name, not all professions that require an economics have to do with money. There are different types of economists – many who deal with finances but also others who dealKeep reading