5 Last Minute AMCAS Application Tips

5 Last Minute AMCAS Application Tips Before You Submit The AMCAS application is almost open! All of those years of volunteer work and medical research and MCAT prep are culminating in this one application. So you better make it count! The medical school application process is, as you’re well aware, long and strenuous. You doKeep reading

How to Build Relationships With Your High School Teachers

How to Build a Strong Student-Teacher Relationship in High School Teachers are more than just the people responsible for assigning grades. They can be an incredible resource for students, particularly in the last two years of high school as you start thinking about applying to college. This is why building a strong student-teacher relationship isKeep reading

Tackling the Integrated Reasoning Section on the GMAT

Integrated Reasoning on the GMAT In 2012, the format of the GMAT was changed slightly: a brand new section, Integrated Reasoning (IR), replaced the “Analyze an Issue” essay. Since its inception, we’ve learned a fair amount about the new section. The skills tested in the Integrated Reasoning section are actually the same skills you willKeep reading

The Art of Getting a Summer Internship

How to Get an Internship: The Ultimate Guide So you’re at a great school, and you’ve been breaking your back to get perfect grades. Just as you’ve gotten into a rhythm, and things are starting to feel a bit easier, the career services office at your university starts blasting out emails left-and-right about “summer internships”Keep reading